English to Lao Meaning of solid - ຫມັ້ນຄົງ

Solid :

ຫມັ້ນຄົງ, ຟັງ

ຄວາມຫຍຸ້ງຍາກໃນ, ຍາກ, ຫມັ້ນຄົງ, ແຂງ, ທີ່ເຂັ້ມແຂງ, ມີຄວາມທົນທານ, ບໍລິສັດ, ໃຫ້ແນ່ໃຈວ່າ, ອ້ວນ, ບໍ່ສະຫຼາດ, ເລື້ອຍໆ, ຫນາແຫນ້ນ, ຫນາ, ລູກບາດ, ເລິກ, ທັງຫມົດ, ເປັນເອກສັນ, ຢ່າງຫຼວງຫຼາຍ, ແຂໍງແຮງ, ອຸດົມສົມບູນ, ຮັ່ງມີ, ຮ່ໍາລວຍ, ເງິນ, ຫນັກ, ທີ່ຫນັກຫນ່ວງ, ສາມມິຕິລະດັບ, ລ່ໍາ, ອຸປະກອນການ, ປ່ຽນແປງ, ຄົງ, ທີ່ບໍ່ປ່ຽນແປງ, ຍົກເລີກບໍ່ໄດ້, ຍັງ, ບໍ່ຫວັ່ນໄຫວ, travail ໃກ້, ສຽງ, ທີ່ເຊື່ອຖືໄດ້, ແທ້ຈິງ, ທີ່ຫນ້າເຊື່ອຖື, ແບບວາງອໍານາດ

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Definitions of solid in English
Noun(1) matter that is solid at room temperature and pressure(2) the state in which a substance has no tendency to flow under moderate stress; resists forces (such as compression(3) a three-dimensional shape
Adjective(1) characterized by good substantial quality(2) of definite shape and volume; firm; neither liquid nor gaseous(3) entirely of one substance with no holes inside(4) of one substance or character throughout(5) uninterrupted in space; having no gaps or breaks(6) providing abundant nourishment(7) of good quality and condition; solidly built(8) not soft or yielding to pressure(9) having three dimensions(10) impenetrable for the eye(11) financially sound(12) of a substantial character and not frivolous or superficial(13) meriting respect or esteem(14) of the same color throughout(15) acting together as a single undiversified whole
Examples of solid in English
(1) They were both found to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning from their solid fuel boiler.(2) Matthews has undoubtedly produced a record of solid quality, unable to disappoint even the most intoxicated of frat hopping fans.(3) So far, most polling (no matter how it is spun by the financial press) shows that support for ratifying is solid .(4) The Nissan Cefiros have had a good reputation all over the world as good, solid , reliable and dependable transport.(5) The fund is solid through the year 2041, without any changes whatsoever.(6) The elevated front door opens into a roomy hall decorated in pale aqua and floored in the solid maple that features throughout the living quarters.(7) Not surprisingly, the Hunter 1250 features solid steel construction throughout.(8) Alison Broadley, Debbie Bowman and Edward Cowen are the strongest among a solid cast.(9) We are not yet collectively convinced that the need is compelling, despite the wide applicability of fluid and solid mechanics.(10) They are fitted out with solid wood floors throughout and marble tiling in the bathrooms and shower rooms.(11) The day was strongly contested with solid bowling from all the teams.(12) The mean GUS activity value for each construct is represented by a solid line and the standard error by two dashed lines.(13) A really solid , sculptural dining table may work well as a stand-alone piece.(14) They paint the approach as a disarming subterfuge designed to undermine solid evidence that all living things share a common ancestry.(15) The solid line, the dotted line, and the dashed line represent the cases of, and, respectively.(16) He came by the solid silver foot-high treasure after it was taken from the ruins of Goering's country home at the end of Second World War by a British soldier.
Related Phrases of solid
(1) solid state ::
(2) solid waste ::
(3) solid color ::
(4) solid line ::
(5) solid wood ::
(6) solid foundation ::
(7) solid gold ::
(8) solid ground ::
(9) solid rock ::
Rock ແຂງ
1. hard ::
2. pure ::
3. continuous ::
4. well-built ::
5. well-founded ::
6. dependable ::
7. sensible ::
8. financially sound ::
9. unanimous ::
10. whole ::
11. upstanding ::
12. firm ::
13. self-coloured ::
14. substantial ::
1. groundless ::
2. illogical ::
3. invalid ::
4. irrational ::
5. nonsensical ::
6. unfounded ::
7. unjustified ::
8. unreasonable ::
9. unsound ::
Different Forms
solid, solider, solidest, solidly, solidness, solids
Word Example from TV Shows
Which Archimedean solid
has 20 regular triangular faces...

Which Archimedean SOLID has 20 regular triangular faces...

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 2

Yes, while also getting in a solid dig
at you, pretty efficient, huh?

Yes, while also getting in a SOLID dig at you, pretty efficient, huh?

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 1

Just flip the switch until the lights
on the drone change to solid yellow.

Just flip the switch until the lights on the drone change to SOLID yellow.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 22

Let's say you spend your life
doing solid scientific research

Let's say you spend your life doing SOLID scientific research

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 22

Did you go to deposit your solid detritus\Nat 12:00 p.m. in the shared bathroom?

Did you go to deposit your SOLID detritus
at 12:00 p.m. in the shared bathroom?

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 5

English to Lao Dictionary: solid

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